There are two main categories of device types and models in the market today. First group is a collection of tablets, laptops, smartphones and handsets. Second group consists of USB/Ethernet to CBRS gateways and adapters, mobile, branch and IoT routers with Wi-Fi hotspot capability and edge computer appliances.

We are maintaining an extensive list of devices as highlighted below, summarized from FCC's public database. Note that Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) is also known as LTE band 48 or the spectrum between 3.55-3.7GHz in the US.

Test results, configuration steps and troubleshooting options for devices that have so far been successfully tested on Celona's CBRS LTE private mobile network are recorded as a separate collection of documents. Video recording of these tests are also published on our YouTube playlist JR's Lab thanks to our tech marketing lead Jeremy Rollinson. As one should, we have also been maintaining the running list of CBRS capable devices, in no particular order, as a Twitter thread.

Tablets and laptops

Smartphones and handsets

Wi-Fi hotspots and CPEs

Gateways and adapters

  • Amit Wireless IDG500 and IOG700 series CBRS gateways

  • Amit Wireless IDG120 USB CBRS adapter

  • BEC MX240 USB/Ethernet to CBRS gateway in a compact ruggedized enclosure

  • Encore 2000 series Industrial IoT and M2M connectivity

  • LiveU LU800 video broadcasting field unit, with Sierra Wireless modem

  • MultiTech eCell Ethernet to CBRS based LTE adapter

  • MultiTech microCell USB to CBRS based LTE adapter

  • Sercomm Wingle USB to CBRS based LTE adapter with Wi-Fi hotspot

  • SMAWave 3010-F3 and 4010-C4 (Rugged) USB to CBRS adapter

Routers and edge appliances

Important to note, below are the chipset manufacturers who have been investing in the CBRS ecosystem and the details on different platforms they have started to offer to their customers, aka. the device makers.

Chipset manufacturers

In the next article in this series, we review the wireless coverage guidelines for Celona's access points for CBRS LTE wireless.

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