Test summary

Connect a Samsung Galaxy S10 model G973U1 (unlocked) and Galaxy Note 10 model N970U1 to the Celona CBRS network and successfully test Wi-Fi hotspot functionality. Here is a video summary:

Samsung S10 device details

  • One UI version: 2.0

  • Android Version: 10

  • Baseband: G973U1UES3CTA3

  • Kernel Version: 4.14.117-17369568

  • Build Number: QP1A.190711.020.G973U1UES3CTA3

Samsung Note 10 device details

  • One UI version: 2.0

  • Android Version: 10

  • Baseband: N970U1UES2BTA1

  • Kernel Version: 4.14.117-17481071

  • Build Number: QP1A.190711.020.N970U1UES2BTA1

Configuration steps

  • Connect to a Wi-Fi network and ensure that the smartphone is updated to the latest OTA version from Samsung. Afterwards, insert the Celona SIM card.

  • Open Settings

  • Navigate to Connections > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names

  • Select Add

  • Enter celona under Name and default under APN

Samsung S10 CBRS LTE configuration options
  • Click the menu icon (3 dots at the top right of the screen) and Save

  • Smartphone should now connect via the CBRS based LTE network. If not, see the next section for troubleshooting options.

  • Once connected, you can configure its Wi-Fi hotspot using these instructions.

Troubleshooting options

If the phone is not making a successful LTE data connection:

  • Go to dialer and enter the string *#2263# which will open the service menu.

  • Select [4] LTE Band Preference and then [E] Next page until you see LTE B48.

  • If you do not see B48 in this list, it is not enabled on your device. Confirm you have a carrier unlocked device with the software versions listed above. You can also force the phone to use only Band 48 by selecting it on this page.

  • Once you have confirmed that it displays LTE B48 (*), select Go Main. Then select [7] Apply Band Configuration and you will see the confirmation APPLY DONE.

  • You can now close this menu; you should now have an active CBRS LTE connection.

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