Cradlepoint Routers on Celona

Out of the box experience and basic connectivity

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Test summary

Configure the CBRS capable LTE modem on the Cradlepoint router and test successful connectivity with Celona physical SIM card installed. Here is a video summary:

Configuration steps

Cradlepoint devices with support for CBRS Band 48 work right out of the box without any specific configuration options.

  • Step 1. Insert Celona SIM card in SIM slot 1 on the router.

  • Step 2. Connect your laptop to the router using Ethernet with DHCP enabled.

  • Step 3. Browse to and enter admin for username and password, unless if it has been provisioned with non-default values.

  • Step 4. Follow the initial configuration wizard.

  • Step 5. Once that is complete, click the Connections menu item, highlight the modem which has the Celona SIM card and confirm status. The Cradlepoint routers do not require additional configuration in order to connect to wireless backhaul networks so you should already be online with the indicator bars showing green.

  • Step 6. No connection? With the correct modem highlighted, click the Edit button at the top of the table. Confirm that Band 48 is enabled, as shown in the screenshot.

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