Enterprise IT teams should ask these questions as they evaluate and get ready to adopt private LTE/5G wireless networks in their existing environments.

  1. Do you have indoor category A and outdoor category B CBRS LTE access points as part of your portfolio?
  2. Do you allow for SIM card authentication on CBRS LTE capable devices match with existing enterprise network policies?
  3. Do you allow for CBRS LTE traffic stay locally within the enterprise network and integrate with existing IP subnets / VLANs?
  4. Do you support multiple apps each with their own throughput, latency, jitter, error rate requirements on the same CBRS LTE wireless link?
  5. How do you integrate with existing QoS policies within the enterprise network for multiple traffic / application types?
  6. Do you support automated RF management of CBRS LTE radio configuration and SAS frequency assignments within the same network?
  7. Do you support deployment of your mobile core (Evolved Packet Core for LTE and 5G core for 5G) as VM, in private cloud, in public cloud and on-prem server?
  8. Do you support LTE and 5G core within the same software architecture with similar management / operations workflows?
  9. How does your mobile core for LTE/5G scale to support large number of CBRS LTE access points in redundant configuration?
  10. Do you offer zero-touch installation and centralized management for your product components that are installed on-premises in the enterprise?

To see how and why Celona is differentiated in its ability to address these requirements, read through the next article in this collection.

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