Welcome to Celona! We’re so excited to welcome you to the world of private mobile networks. Simplification of deployment and administration is core to our approach at Celona, so let’s get started; we’ll have you up and running in no time.

In this article, we’ll go from the first login to configuring your first site.

Logging into Celona Orchestrator

You should have already received your welcome email, which contains your unique login credentials. Go to the Celona Orchestrator dashboard to enter. If you can’t locate the email in your regular inbox, make sure to check your spam folder and whitelist emails from hello@celona.io.

Celona Orchestrator Login Screen

If you’re having issues of any kind logging in, please let us know straight away at support@celona.io. Once you are logged in, the Celona Orchestrator dashboard will show a status page for all your sites.

Our first task is to confirm that your Celona Edge and AP assets have been correctly assigned to your account.

Celona Edge Instances

Let’s start with the Celona Edge, hover over the left-hand menu to expand, then choose Edge Clusters. You should now see a list of Celona Edge instances assigned to your account.

The screenshot above shows a single cluster with one node that has been configured and connected to the network while remaining un-assigned to a specific site.

At this stage, you may have already deployed the Celona Edge appliance, Cloud Edge Instance, or Virtualized Machine on your network. If so, ensure your network policies allow communication between the Celona Orchestrator and any locally deployed Edge instances. This article provides detailed information on what ports and protocols must be allowed.

Your appliance-based Celona Edge instances will be provisioned and ready for assignment to your new sites. And the virtualized or cloud instances will show as New.

Celona Access Points (AP) Inventory

Now that we have confirmed your Celona Edge assets are in place, we’ll move on to confirming your AP inventory. Hover over the left-hand menu and select Access Points. Screenshot below shows one AP in the Un-Provisioned state.

Compare the inventory in the Orchestrator with your manifest using serial numbers or MAC addresses. All APs should at this stage be in the Unprovisioned state.

List of Celona SIM Cards

Your SIM card inventory can be accessed via the Devices link on the left-hand menu. Note that we always try to provide a contiguous block of SIMs. Screenshot below shows an example list of SIM cards that have been assigned to a system. Note that they are in the Provisioned state but they have not yet been Activated.

All looking good so far? Great - you are ready for our next article in the series.

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