This article will walk you through the initial setup of the AMIT IDG500-CC501 Ethernet to CBRS gateway for use on a Celona Private LTE network.

With an active SIM installed, this AMIT gateway will automatically connect to a Celona CBRS network. We will show you how to complete the initial setup for the CPE and how to check status pages for advanced connection information.

Network interfaces

  • LAN Ethernet interface: 2x 1Gbps ports

  • WAN interface: CBRS capable LTE Modem

  • Wi-Fi interface: None

Expected performance on CBRS LTE

  • Download: 95Mbps

  • Upload: 16Mbps

  • Latency: <50ms

Configuration steps

  • Install a Celona SIM card in Slot A on the device, connect to power and turn it on.

  • Connect the Ethernet interface on your laptop to either of the Ethernet ports on the device. Note that port 1 can be assigned as the Ethernet WAN interface but it is configured as a LAN interface by default.

  • Your laptop will receive an IP address via DHCP from the device, which will be in the range.

  • Open a web browser on your laptop and enter to reach the user interface on the device.

  • You will be prompted to change the default password. Once complete, you will be automatically returned to the login page. Use your new credentials to log in.

  • From the menu, choose Basic Network > WAN & Uplink > Connections Setup.

Step 1: AMIT Wireless gateway on Celona CBRS private LTE
  • Click Edit on the WAN-1 3G/4G module. Set 3G/4G WAN Configuration > Preferred SIM Card to the SIM slot where the Celona SIM card is physically installed. In our example inside the screenshot below, it is the slot A.

Step 3: AMIT Wireless gateway on Celona CBRS private LTE
  • In the Connection with SIM-A card section, set Network Type to LTE , set Dialup Profile to Automatic and scroll down to Save. The device will now reset the modem and use your new configuration. A reboot is not required.

  • Choose Status > Basic Network > WAN & Uplink to reach the page shown in the screenshot below and check the connection status.

Step 3: AMIT Wireless gateway on Celona CBRS private LTE

At this point, we have configured the device in the NAT mode for client device connectivity on its LAN interfaces. Note that it is also possible to choose the Passthrough mode whereby a single device connected to the IDG500 will receive the WAN IP address provided by Celona Edge. This is useful for connecting any devices that must be reachable via either routed or VLAN attached IP Domains.

  • To switch to Passthrough mode, go back to the network configuration for the 3G/4G interface on the device. Under 3G/4G Common Configuration, select IP Passthrough - Cellular Bridge and Save to switch modes.

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