Navigate to the Devices page of the Celona Orchestrator to review the status of your SIM card inventory. At the start of your installation, all of your SIM cards should show Provisioned as their status.

Celona SIM cards in the Celona Orchestrator

Select the SIM cards you want to activate from the list and click Activate.

Activating SIM cards within the Celona Orchestrator

You can now select which Edge Clusters these SIM cards should be activated against. In this example, we have one Edge Cluster configured; as more are added to your environment, you can associate SIM cards with multiple clusters.

Click Activate and the Orchestrator will now update your Edge Cluster in the background, adding these SIM cards to the list of activated devices. The activation and de-activation updates are typically completed within a few seconds.

Now we can install the activated SIM cards on CBRS compatible devices and connect them to your Celona private mobile network. You can check the status of any device connected to your Private Mobile Network via the Devices page. Active, connected devices will show their assigned IP address on the list.

At any given moment, a Celona SIM card can in the one of the following states:

  • New – The unassigned SIM in the Celona device inventory.

  • Provisioned – The SIM is assigned to a Celona Orchestrator account and can be activated to connect to the Celona network.

  • Activated – The SIM is active and exists in the Celona Edge database. It has not yet connected to the Celona network. It is allowed to connect to the network and consume network services as per the user profile.

  • Deactivated – The SIM is disabled and exists in the Celona Edge database. It cannot connect to the Celona network and user data sessions are not allowed.

  • Retired – The SIM is deactivated and has been removed from the Celona Edge database. All assigned profiles have been removed from the Celona Orchestrator.

  • Connected – The SIM is currently connected to the Celona network and has active data sessions from client devices.

  • Idle – The SIM is currently connected to the Celona network but has no active data sessions from client devices.

  • Disconnected – The SIM is active but not connected to the Celona network.

  • Blocked/Suspended – The SIM is blocked from connecting to the Celona network and all user data sessions have been removed from Celona Edge.

Here is a list of CBRS capable devices that are available in the market today. How to guides and test results for select group of devices are also available in this collection of articles.

ps. Did you connect your first CBRS device? This is a big deal - you’re part of a revolution in enterprise wireless. Head over to our Frequency Community page and post a link to your first speed test on this thread. First-time posters are in line for some cool swag, and you might be our next Freq of the Week.

Congratulations, you just finished the basic configuration required, and your network is online! When you’re ready, it’s time to “level up.” In the next article of our getting started guide, we explain how to configure precision time protocol (PTP) to enable mobility of client devices in a Celona network.

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