MultiTech eCell G2 on Celona

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MultiTech updated their CBRS capable eCell device recently, delivering better performance via an upgraded modem and mainboard. It has a rugged chassis and provides a terminal block for 9-32V DC power. It is not outdoor rated but excellent for enclosed, industrial environments with an improved operational temp range.

MultiTech eCell G2 with CBRS support

Device Information

  • Interfaces: 1 x Gigabit Ethernet, 1 x Cat.12 LTE (CBRS)

  • Model Number: MTE2-L12G2-B07-US which includes Device HQ for remote device management.


No special configuration is required in order to connect the eCell to a Celona network after installing it with an activated Celona SIM card and powering it on. It will connect in Passthrough Mode by default, which is used when you are connecting a single device behind the gateway: for instance, a CCTV camera.

Note: When deployed in a custom External IP Domain, the eCell will require static WAN IP settings. Complete 'subnet' and 'default gateway' fields with the correct information.

For situations where you are connecting multiple devices, the MultiTech eCell can be configured to operate in NAT mode. In order to switch the eCell to NAT mode, you need access the gateway's web user interface.

  • eCell default IP address:

  • Default username/password for the eCell: admin/admin

You will need to manually set your host IP address to 192.168.2.x/24 to access the user interface. At first login you will be prompted to enter a new password, once that is complete you can choose to configure your settings via the wizard, basic or advanced admin options.

Multtech eCell G2 WAN settings

The screenshot above shows WAN settings where NAT or Passthrough mode options are configured for the eCell. Note that if its operating mode is changed, eCell will reboot automatically. System settings, like TimeZone, are accessed via the System > System Related menu item.

Multitech eCell G2 System settings

Performance Results

You can see from the test results below recorded via that the MultiTech eCell G2 gateway is achieving close to the theoretical peak rates.

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