Product components that make up the Celona solution architecture can be summarized as follows.

  • Celona Platform, with unique capabilities such as Celona Network Planner, Celona Orchestrator, Celona Assistant, Celona Edge, Celona MicroSlicing and more. It is consumed as 3- and 5-year software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription (data sheet) including the Celona Indoor or Outdoor Access Point hardware and the Celona SIM cards.

  • Celona Indoor (data sheet) and Outdoor (data sheet) Access Points, delivering up to 25K and 1M SQFT coverage, respectively. You can find the installation guides for indoor and outdoor access points here and here.

  • Optional omni-directional and 33- / 90- / 120-degree sectorized antennas (data sheet) for the Celona Outdoor Access Points, installed two per AP.

  • Optional Celona Edge Appliances (data sheet) that are pre-provisioned with the Celona Edge software and associated with an active Celona platform license. You can find the installation guide for the Edge Appliances here.

For additional details on each of these components, including the product SKUs, please see the individual data sheets. Here is a demonstration of the solution components - from planning to deployment to MicroSlicing technology in action. For a summary of its unique capabilities, take a look at the solution overview.

In the next article in our getting started series, you will learn how to login to the Celona Orchestrator and take initial steps in setting up your Celona network.

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