Here is a quick summary of the key features and differentiation areas for the components of the integrated solution from Celona.

Key Feature / Differentiation


Celona MicroSlicing for seamless integration of cellular wireless with existing enterprise IT infrastructure

Ability to set different service level agreements (SLAs) for jitter/latency and throughput metrics per app and ability to translate SIM based authentication to enterprise network access policies for different device groups

Integrated end-to-end solution

Ease of deployment, management and troubleshooting

AI operations for app quality enforcement and network automation

Not only monitor but enforce service level metrics for any enterprise app

Automated provisioning of network components, deployed as overlay

Simplicity of integration with existing network operations and services

Overlay deployment of the 4G/5G mobile core functions with Celona Edge IP Domains feature

Each app and device on Celona wireless is visible to the rest of the enterprise network, instead of just the source NAT address for Celona Edge

KPI based monitoring of quality of experience for devices and apps

Measure effectiveness of the Celona network for critical apps in few clicks

Cloud-native software for Celona Edge and Orchestrator

Seamless scaling and redundancy through microservices architecture

Self Organizing Network (SON) for indoor/outdoor Celona access points

Automated configuration and ability to mix & match APs to best suite coverage and capacity needs

Domain Proxy for Spectrum Access Service (SAS) integration to manage CBRS spectrum utilization, with the option to deploy in the cloud

Resiliency to WAN backhaul and optimal channel allocation across Celona access points

Flexible deployment model for Celona Edge, powering 4G/5G mobile core

Resiliency to WAN backhaul and ability to serve traffic and apps locally

To get started with the Celona technology, first order of business is to identify how many access points you would need for your private mobile network. The answer is quite with the Celona Network Planner - read more in our next article.

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