The first CBRS capable hotspot we have tested at Celona is the inseego MiFi 8000. This palm sized device weighs in at only 6oz (163g) while packing an impressive feature list.

Device Information

  • Wireless Interfaces: 1 x Cat.18 LTE (CBRS), 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Physical Interface: 1 x USB-C Charging, Tethering, MiFi Share and Universal Charging of External Devices.
  • Datasheets and User Guides
  • Model Number: MiFi 8000 Global


No special configuration is required, install a Celona SIM, power on and you will be connected to your Celona Private Mobile Network.

The built-in, dual band, Wi-Fi AP will support up to 15 simultaneous clients and has up to 24 hours run time on one charge.

Performance Results

The CAT 18 modem supports maximum throughput on an LTE based Celona Private Mobile Network.

The results shown below were gathered under ideal conditions.

Average results through the duration of the test;

  • Download: 140Mb/s
  • Upload: 24.4/Mb/s
  • Latency: 42ms

These results are very close to theoretical maximum performance of the platform, an excellent result!

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