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Google Pixel 4 and 5a on Celona

Basic connectivity

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Test summary

Connect a Google Pixel (unlocked) phone to a Celona network.

Pixel 4 device details:

  • Android Version: 10

  • Build Number: QD1A.190821.011

Pixel 5a device details:

  • Device name & Model: Pixel 5a

  • Android version: 11

  • Build number: RD2A.210605.007


  • Be within range of your Celona RAN network

  • Acquire a Celona SIM, activate the SIM in the Celona Orchestrator, and assign it to the Celona Edge instance that corresponds to your Celona RAN network.

To install the Celona SIM on the Pixel 5a device, use a SIM punch tool to remove the SIM tray. As you look at the left side of the device, lay the SIM into the SIM tray, leads up and notched corner away from you. Insert the tray into the SIM slot.

Other than the setup in the Celona Orchestrator, there are no major manual steps on the Pixel other than inserting the Celona SIM card.

For a factory-reset Pixel, this is the first screen. Click on Start to continue.

Insert your Celona SIM into the Pixel.

Wait about 10 seconds for the Pixel to acquire signal via the signal strength icon in the upper right of the screen. At this point, you can Use mobile network for setup.

Continue with the rest of the Pixel setup. With your own cellular network with Celona, there is no need to worry about data charges πŸ˜€ πŸ‘

Note: No APN is required to be configured on the Pixel device to onboard onto a Celona network.

Performance Testing

Pixel 5a nperf performance

We performed a basic throughput and latency test via with the Celona indoor AP in an office setting - about 50ft away, with cubicle obstructions.

We observed -96dBm RSRP from this position.

To see the Celona solution in action, check out our guide.

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