This article will show you how to connect to a Celona CBRS private mobile network using the AMIT IDG120 USB Modem.

With an active Celona SIM installed this modem can be used to connect Windows, Mac, and Chromebook laptops to CBRS.

Network interfaces

  • USB Windows [Drivers]

  • USB OS X, Chromebook / Linux [mode switch tool]

  • WAN interface: CBRS Cat 6 LTE Modem

  • Wi-Fi interface: None

Expected performance on CBRS LTE under ideal conditions

  • Download: 120Mbps

  • Upload: 15Mbps

  • Latency: <40ms


Configuration steps - Windows

First, download and install the windows drivers and connection management tool.

Once complete, install an activated Celona SIM card into the modem.

Connect the modem to your Windows laptop and open the 'Connection Manager' application that was installed with the drivers.

Full details on using the connection manager are contained in the manual.

Configuration Steps - OSX / Chromebook / Linux

The IDG120 CBRS dongle can work on Windows, Linux, Chromebook and Macbook devices. However, some parameter settings need to be changed according to the requirement of those different OS.

!! Remove SIM card from the USB Dongle before using Mode Switch Tool !!

Switching the operating mode of the USB Dongle;

  1. Open the Mode Switch Tool program on your windows machine.

  2. Connect the USB Dongle

  3. Wait for detection and confirmation of the current operating mode.

  4. Click the button to choose the desired operating mode.

A progress indicator will keep you informed on progress of the mode switching.

Once the mode switch is complete, insert an activated Celona SIM, and connect to your device. Your CBRS connection should be active in approximately 30 to 60 seconds.

Performance Test Results

Host Machine

iPerf3 UDP Download

iPerf3 UDP Upload

Macbook Pro 10.15



Windows 10 Pro



In order to see the Celona solution in action, tune in to our on-demand demo.

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