Create a new Support Case

Support cases are raised directly from your Celona Orchestrator interface.

Click the ? icon, on the lower left-hand side of the interface (see image below) to open a new support case.

This will take you to the support cases page for your account.

Click the + icon to create a new case.

Select a Category from the dropdown, options are;

  • Access Point, if you are experiencing issues with a Celona Indoor or Outdoor AP

  • Device, if you need assistance connecting a phone, tablet, gateway or any other non Celona device.

  • Edge Cluster, for issues with Celona Edge such as IP Domains and general performance.

  • Edge Node, for issues with specific nodes within a cluster

  • Orchestrator - for questions and issues with the Orchestrator UI or API

  • Other

  • SIM; for requesting new physical and eSims or any SIM-related issue.

Next, enter the subject and the support priority.

  • High: Platform-wide service-affecting issue.

  • Medium: Other service affecting issues

  • Low: "How do I...?" questions, and SIM requests.

Select the correct 'Case Type' then complete the description of your specific issue, click 'Add' to submit the case.

Access Existing Cases

From the support cases page, click on any case you wish to access and update.

You will then be presented with this view:

From this page you can;

  • Add attachment: Supported file types are .bmp, .csv, .dat, .doc, .docx, .gz, .jpg, .jpeg, .json, .log, .mov, .p12, .pages, .pcap, .pcapng, .pdf, .png, .rtf, .tar, .tar.gz, .tgz, .txt, .xsl, .xslx, .zip, .xls, .xlsx

  • Add or respond to comments

  • Edit case details

Accessing Support Documentation

Click the 'Product Documentation' tab for quick access to all of our support documentation.

Head over to to start experiencing the Celona solution first hand with product demonstrations, free trial and more.

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