Google's CBRS SAS service is included in your Celona subscription. As of Release 1.17 you can now configure the platform to use your own SAS account at Google or Federated Wireless.

Add your SAS Provider

You will need your organization's SAS Account User ID to add your SAS provider details to Celona Orchestrator.

Log in to Celona Orchestrator and select Admin > SAS Accounts from the left-hand menu.

Celona Orchestrator Web Interface highlighting selected menu option for SAS accounts

On the SAS Accounts page click the '+' icon to start.

Enter a unique name for this SAS Account and select your SAS platform from the dropdown list.

You will now enter your unique User ID for your SAS Account, supplied by your provider.

Click 'Add' to save your details.

Using your new SAS Account

Now that your SAS Account is added to the platform you can assign it to your Celona Edge clusters.

Assigning your SAS Account to a new Edge Cluster

Select the Edge Cluster section of Celona Orchestrator and follow the instructions to create a new Edge Cluster, selecting your SAS Account from the dropdown list.

Assigning your SAS Account to Existing Edge Cluster

Changing SAS providers in an active network will trigger new spectrum allocation requests, taking all your APs offline for a short period. To update any existing Edge Clusters with your SAS Account please contact Celona Support.

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