Release 1.19 of Celona Orchestrator includes the ability to manage networks for multiple organizations.

Using the Multi-Tenant dashboard

Manage existing organizations

Use your msp credentials to log in to Celona Orchestrator, and you will be presented with your main dashboard, a list of organizations you can manage.

Click the 'Company' name highlighted in blue to access and manage their Celona network.

You can return to your customer list at any time by clicking the 'Customers' link at the top-left of the page.

Assigning new licenses

With Release 1.20 you are now able to activate Celona licenses via Orchestrator for each of your customers. Click on the 'Company' name. Once within the customer context select 'Admin Settings > Subscriptions' from the left-hand menu.

Click 'Enter Activation Code' to activate your new services. Activation codes will be emailed to the primary administrator.

Click 'Activate' to complete the process.

Add a new Organization

Click 'Add Customer' to create a new organization. You will need the following information;

  • Full Name: Your customer's primary contact

  • Full Address

  • Company Name

  • Email address: Group/Individual

  • Password

  • Phone Number

Select the checkbox to send your customer a welcome email. Click 'Add' to save.

Manage Multi-Tenant dashboard users

Select 'Admin Settings > Users' from the left-hand menu.

Click 'Add User' and enter the necessary information.

You will need to select the user type from;

  • Admin - All permissions,

  • Observer - View only permission,

  • Installer - CBRS Certified Professional Installer account

Additionally you will need to select the scope for the user, which determines the specific organizations that the user will have access to.

Note: Choosing ’All Organizations’ will automatically update the scope when a new organization is added.

In the last article of our getting started guide, we cover how to configure your own Spectrum Access System (SAS) provider in order to enable CBRS spectrum access within your Celona network deployed within the US.

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