Activation codes will be sent via email to the billing contact for your Celona account. Please ensure this contact information is up to date when placing new orders.

Activating Subscriptions

The email containing your activation code will be in this format. One activation code can include multiple subscriptions.

To enter the Activation Code, select 'Admin Settings -> Subscriptions' from the menu.

Click 'Enter Activation Code', enter the code you received in the email and click 'Activate'.

You should then see a confirmation of successful activation.

The status of your subscriptions, including expiration dates, will be available to view on the Subscriptions page at any time. If you experience any issues please email support@celona.io.

Now that your subscription licenses are active, let's start configuring your Celona network via Celona Orchestrator. To learn how, see our next article in this series.

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