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Cell tower

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Celona Cell network in a box

The Celona Air Mobile Demo Kit

Getting Started

Open the case and confirm you have the following contents in the zip pockets;

  • AC Power Cord

  • 2 x Ethernet Cables

  • Optional Items

    • 1 x Quanta USB-C Modem

    • 1 x Google Pixel 4 5G

    • 1 x iPhone SE 2020

Connect ethernet with DHCP enabled and Internet access to the WAN port of the Air Kit.

Connect the AC power cable, and flip the main switch to the 'ON' position. You should hear the fans in the power supply start.

Celona Air Kit, Edge power button access

Next, you will start the Celona Edge appliance using the power button, accessed as shown in the image above.

Make a cup of tea. Drink the cup of tea. While doing that, you can connect to the Air Kit's WiFi and confirm Internet access. The network name will be "Celona Air <number>", the password is "aircelona", all lower-case.

It will take approximately 15 minutes for Celona Edge to be fully online and ready to connect the Indoor AP. Check the status of the Edge appliance via the Celona Orchestrator dashboard. If it shows "UP" you are ready to power up the AP.

Now, push the round button to power up the Celona AP as shown above. Within a few minutes, it will negotiate a connection to Celona Edge and start broadcasting the private 5GLAN.

Older models may not have the separate AP power button, in that case you can lift the kit out of the case and manually remove or insert power to the AP.

When the LTE light turns blue on the Indoor AP, you are ready to connect your devices.

For details on how to configure your new system using Celona Orchestrator, go to Getting Started with your Celona Network.

If you are experiencing issues please contact your Celona Rep or email support@celona.io.

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