Update (September 29, 2022)

Instructions in this article also apply to the Lenovo X13s.


This compatibility guide provides an overview of onboarding to a Celona network a Lenovo 5G Flex laptop, which represents one of the first production laptop models to feature 5G compatibility.

Device Information

Website: Lenovo Flex 5G

Update: While the Lenovo Flex 5G laptop model is Discontinued by Lenovo, it features the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 8cx 5G Compute Platform, which is utilized in select laptop models from Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Acer, and Microsoft.

About the Lenovo Flex 5G laptop

Processor: Snapdragon™ 8cx @ 2.84GHz


Operating system: Windows 10 Pro, version 21H1

Onboarding with Celona

Activate a Celona physical SIM for the device

In the Celona Orchestrator web interface (Devices page), obtain and activate a physical SIM for your Lenovo Flex 5G laptop. To activate the SIM, click on the Activate link corresponding the the ICCID that is printed on the SIM. The status should transition to Activated for the SIM.

Install the physical SIM into the device

Similar to phone devices, remove the SIM tray from the rear of the Lenovo Flex 5G laptop, add the SIM to the tray, and reinsert the tray and SIM into the laptop. Note that the SIM should be "upside-down" underneath the tray with the SIM leads facing up when viewing the rear of the laptop. The SIM slot is in the center rear of the laptop.

Add Access Point Name (APN) to Windows 10 Cellular Settings

In Windows 10, navigate to Settings > Network & Internet > Cellular > Advanced options.

Click on Add an APN, filling in only celonadns for Profile name and APN. The other fields can be left to their default values.

Apply this profile and Save it. Verify that the celonadns APN has been added to the Internet APN list.

Verify link and connectivity

Click on the Windows 10 System Tray wireless network icon and verify that Cellular is enabled and that the CELONA (LTE) network is Connected. Verify connectivity via ping and web browser connections to your favorite sites.

Performance tests

We tested throughput rate over distance while connecting to a Celona network with a Celona Indoor Access Point. The following data shows Signal strength, RSCP, and RSSI reported by the netsh mbn show interfaces command and download and upload throughput via the iperf3 utility.

For these open air performance testing, we raised the Celona Access Point to 12' height in a ceiling mount. While we have seen wide throughput variance at distances beyond 70 yards/210 feet, we recorded the maximum performance observed over multiple runs with 10 second iperf3 data transfers.

To see Lenovo 5G in action on a Celona network, enabled with critical apps that you care the most about, feel free to request a custom demo here.

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