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MultiTech MultiConnect CPE on Celona

Onboarding steps to enable CBRS based wireless backhaul

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The MultiTech MultiConnect CBRS Wi-Fi AP is a "4G LTE to Wi-Fi" access point that's used to act as a CPE device to enable local Wi-Fi clients with network access - as it utilizes a Celona network for cellular connectivity on the CBRS spectrum.

MultiTech MultiConnect AP on Celona CBRS LTE network

In this article, we review the configuration and onboarding of the device to a Celona private cellular network operating on the CBRS spectrum.

About the MultiTech MultiConnect CBRS Wi-Fi Access Point

Model: MTCAPW-L12G12-A600VA-CUA

Device website: link

Firmware version: v4.02

Onboarding with Celona

To start, we will assume a brand new factory reset AP with the initial password set via the web interface.

Activate a physical SIM in the Celona Orchestrator user interface

Prepare the SIM as micro-sized. As you look at the bottom of the device with the power and ethernet ports to the left, insert the SIM, notched corner first and on left side into the device until you feel a 'click'.

Apply power. For this test, we connected a Macbook via an Ethernet cable to the device, while making sure to disable Wi-Fi on the Macbook to force connectivity through the device. Wait for all LEDs on the bottom of the device to be lit in approximately 90 seconds.

Note: No Access Point Names (APNs) configuration were required for connectivity. Make sure to verify ping to the internet, and connectivity to your favorite websites.

Performance tests

In the office

We performed a basic throughput and latency test via with the Celona indoor AP in an office setting - about 50ft away, with cubicle obstructions.

We noted -76dBm RSRP at this location from the MultiConnect web user interface: under Status > Network Status > 3G/4G Modem Status Detail.

Via iperf3 to an Ethernet wired server on the local area network, we observed 70Mbps download and 25.5Mbps upload throughput for UDP traffic.

To see the MultiConnect in action on a Celona network, enabled with critical apps that you care the most about, feel free to request a custom demo here.

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