Ethernet to private cellular gateways with NAT

Interoperability with AMIT Wireless IDG500 as an example

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The Amit Wireless IDG500-C6012 is a dual-SIM CBRS router that allows ethernet-based systems to connect to a CBRS network. The IDG500 is a family of devices by Amit Wireless, and the C6012 is one of the specific models to support CBRS.

In this article, we review how to configure and onboard the IDG500-C6012 onto a Celona CBRS-based network.


A basic NAT configuration allows for client devices to connect to a CBRS network through the AMIT Wireless IDG500-C6012 CPE.

About the IDG500-C6012 CPE

Model name: IDG500-C6012

Kernel version: 2.6.36

FW version: 00007L0.KC_uC1.0000_01261600

Components in our lab topology

Left side (CBRS client side)

  • Amit Wireless IDG500-C6012 CPE

  • Macbook w/ USB-C to ethernet adapter

Right side (simulated corporate network)

  • Netgear Nighthawk M1 hotspot/router with AT&T SIM

  • Celona indoor access point

  • tp-link switch

  • Celona Edge running in linux in small-form-factor PC

  • Macbook w/ USB-C to ethernet adapter

Connect cables, power up, and configure the network from the corporate WAN to CBRS client to create the topology depicted below.

Configure the IDG500-C6012 CPE for basic NAT with Celona

Activate a Celona SIM for use in this lab.

To install the Celona SIM card into the IDG500-C6012 CPE, loosen the 2 screws to remove the SIM cover on the antenna ports side of the device. Install the micro form factor of the Celona SIM into SIM slot A or B.

If you need to reset all settings to their factory defaults on the IDG500-C6012, press and hold for 30 seconds the reset button located in the pinhole between the 2 SIM slots.

Once the IDG500-C6012 has been factory reset, connect to its webservice via connecting a laptop via ethernet. Your laptop should be assigned a DHCP IP address from the IDG500-C6012 in the subnet range of

Point your browser at the IDG500 web service at The default login username and password are both "admin".

On your first login after a factory reset, you must reset your password.

Navigate to the interface settings. Set the Preferred SIM slot. In our lab, we installed the Celona SIM into Slot B, so we set this to "SIM-B First".

Scrolling lower, configure the following settings:

Network Type: LTE Only

Dial-Up Profile: Manual-configuration

APN: celonadns


Connection Control: Auto-reconnect

Navigate back to the top-level Basic Network page and wait for Connected status.

Verify that you can connect to your favorite sites from your connected laptop.

3 instances of NAT in this basic NAT topology

Note the 3 instances of NAT in this topology:

1) From the corporate network at

2) From the Celona Edge for Access Point clients at

3) From the IDG500-C6012 CPE at

Note that this configuration is strictly for clients with connections originating from the CBRS clients to other CBRS clients, the corporate network, and beyond. No connections from outside the CBRS network can connect to services inside the CBRS network.

In the next lab in this series, we will add a camera to the CBRS side of the network and will configure the CPE and Celona for corporate network access to the camera.

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