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Sierra Wireless RV55 private cellular router: Internal & External IP domains on Celona Edge (Lab 2/2)
Sierra Wireless RV55 private cellular router: Internal & External IP domains on Celona Edge (Lab 2/2)

Interoperability with Sierra Wireless AirLink RV55 as an example

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In the previous lab in this series, we configured a Macbook and Axis 3825 camera on the CBRS side of our network.

The camera was only accessible by the Macbook at also in the CBRS network. The Macbook at cannot access the camera at

The CBRS gateway in this lab, the Sierra Wireless AirLink RV55, has a LAN side IP address of and a WAN side IP address of DHCP IP addresses are assigned by the Celona Edge at

The IP address of the Sierra Wireless AirLink RV55 can be seen via the Celona Orchestrator SaaS web interface in the Device page for the corresponding SIM ICCID.

In this lab, we will configure the network for access from a machine on the corporate side ( of the network to the camera behind CBRS.

Sierra Wireless AirLink RV55: Configure DHCP IP Address Reservation

As we will be configuring port forwarding, we will require a consistent IP address for the camera behind CBRS. Obtain the MAC address of the camera and on the RV55, configure a DHCP reservation for the camera. Reboot all devices (RV55, camera, Macbook) on the CBRS side.

Sierra Wireless AirLink RV55: Configure Port Forwarding

Configure port forwarding on the RV55 for the camera management web service (TCP 443) and RTSP (TCP/UDP 554).

Celona (Edge context): Configure External IP Domain

To change the IP address of the CPE from the Celona Edge DHCP domain at to the corporate DHCP server at, in the Celona Orchestrator SaaS web interface, navigate to the Edge context for this topology and configure an External IP Domain to point to the corporate DHCP server.

Celona: Configure a Device Group for SIMs in this topology

In the Device Group page, configure a Device Group to point to associate the External IP Domain, above, with the SIMs that are part of the CBRS side of the network. The CPE with this SIM will obtain an IP address from the DHCP server specified in the External IP Domain.

Reboot the RV55 and verify an IP address for the RV55 assigned by the corporate DHCP server ( instead of the Celona Edge (

Verify connectivity to camera

With the configuration changes made to the CPE and Celona, we can now access the camera in the following ways:

  • Via the local Macbook at to the camera at

  • Via the corporate Macbook at to the camera at

Consider how you can use additional ports in the port forwarding configuration to access multiple servers or cameras behind CBRS.

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