The Horizon 2100/F12 is a directional, 16dBi gain, outdoor Category B CBSD/CPE with an IP68 rating to run in rough weather environments. This CPE has a built-in SAS (Spectrum Access System) client for registration when running in "CAT B" mode.

Technical Specs:

Network interface

  • LAN Ethernet interface: 1x Gigabit LAN with PoE

  • Sim Interface: 1x USIM/SIM 2FF

Maximum throughput over CBRS

  • CAT 12

  • Download: 560Mbps

  • Upload: 30Mbps

In this article, we will review the step-by-step process for onboarding the Horizon 2100/F12 CPE onto a Celona network and data from basic performance tests.

Allocate and activate a Celona physical SIM

In the Celona Service Orchestrator (CSO), activate a SIM for the Celona Edge Cluster corresponding to the Celona Access Point for this device.

Install the physical SIM into the CPE

The Horizon 2100/F12 CPE requires a standard 2FF (second SIM form factor) SIM. Insert the SIM with the leads facing towards the front of the unit. Push until the SIM clicks into the locked position.

Provide PoE power

Connect the POE adapter to the wall with the provided plug. Insert an ethernet cable into the POE adapter (on the side next to the power cord) into your PC or laptop. On the opposite side of the POE adapter, plug an ethernet cable to the Horizon unit. The green PWR light on the bottom of the unit should appear as it powers on.

Log into the CPE

Point your web browser to the CPE's webserver which defaults to The default login credentials are: login: admin, password: admin.

In the APN Management section, configure celonadns as the APN name.

At this point, you should be able connect a client with an activated Celona SIM through the Horizon 2100/F12 CPE and a Celona network through to your internet backhaul.

Transmit Power and CBRS Category B Spectrum Access Service (SAS) registration

In EUD mode, the Horizon 2100/F12 CPE will run at 13dBm transmit power, suitable for indoor use.

In CAT B mode, the Horizon 2100/F12 CPE will run at up to 23dBm transmit power - for outdoor use only.

In order to run the Horizon 2100/F12 CPE in CAT B mode, you must perform a SAS registration via the Horizon 2100/F12 web user interface.

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