This latest release of the Celona platform provides two new features requested by our customers and field teams.

The first is the ability to schedule SAS Registration updates following any changes made to AP configurations requiring a CPI.

Previously, any changes made to an AP that required a CPI would immediately trigger an organization-wide SAS registration cycle, taking all APs offline for 5 to 30 minutes. With SAS Registration Scheduling in place, all changes can be made in advance, and a registration schedule can be set to coincide with your maintenance window.

The second is Auto-recovery from service-affecting events initiated by SAS, such as Dynamic Protection Area radio shutdowns the document can be found here - Auto-Recovery from SAS Triggered Suspension/ Termination

Celona SAS Registration Scheduler

The SAS-RS lets you pick a time suitable to your network for SAS Registration updates to occur, which require approximately 5-30 min of downtime. The scheduler includes visible feedback on Celona Orchestrator when the SAS Registration is In Progress. The Access Point Operational state UP indicates the completion of your maintenance window, and your devices will connect to the Celona network again.

To activate your Celona Access Points (AP) and request for their access to the CBRS spectrum via the Spectrum Access System (SAS) services used by FCC in the United States, refer to the Activating Celona Access Points via CPI credentials for CBRS document for additional information and a guide to configuring Celona APs.

In the following edit/update scenarios:

  • A location change for an activated and RF transmitting Access Point -

    • This requires a mandatory update to the CPI Installation parameters on the Access Points Details page.

    • Click the pencil icon to edit the Installation parameters, this allows editing latitude and longitude for a CPI Installer.

  • An Antenna configuration change for Outdoor Access Points -

    • This requires a mandatory update to the CPI Installation parameters on the Access Points Details page.

    • Click the pencil icon to edit the Installation parameters, this allows editing the antenna model used, azimuth, and downtilt (in degrees) for a CPI Installer.

  • Adding a new Access Point/s to a site that has Access Points on it already and is UP

    • This requires the Certified Professional Installer on the account to add the CPI Installation parameters for the new Access Point.

    • Click the pencil icon to add the Installation Parameters

For the above scenarios, you may schedule your own network downtime since, after the above edits, Celona Orchestrator starts the process of re-acquiring spectrum grants from SAS. This process could take from 5- 30 min to receive a grant from SAS.

Once the CPI certifies the installation parameters entered on the Access Points Details, the below message will pop up on Celona Orchestrator for an Admin user and conveys that it is mandatory to schedule a SAS Registration for the changed CPI parameters/addition of a new Access Point to a "live" site.

If the CPI installer is not an Admin user, the message on the screen will request an Admin user to schedule the network downtime.

The new banner on all pages on the Celona Orchestrator will direct you to the site where you need to schedule a SAS Registration.

To set up your network downtime, click on the new button Schedule SAS Registration on the Site Details / Access Points Details page.

The scheduler window popup lets you schedule a downtime now which, if selected will start registration with SAS within 5 min of scheduling. You may also schedule downtime for a later time or day depending on operational needs. We recommend scheduling a registration as fast as possible after changing CPI installation parameters to comply with FCC regulations of reporting changes in CPI parameters.

Once you acknowledge the downtime that the network will undergo, the grants will be re-acquired automatically at the scheduled time.

Scheduling a SAS registration is not permitted between 11:30 pm PDT- 3:15 am PDT to avoid SAS interference calculations between different vendor SAS. At this time, some grants may take longer to re-acquire, so Celona avoids this time slot.

Once the above acknowledgment is complete, you can edit the date and time of SAS registration scheduled up to 5 min before the scheduled network downtime.

You can also delete and re-schedule a SAS registration up to 5 min before the scheduled network downtime by clicking on "edit" or "delete" on the banner.

You can track the status of your SAS grants from the Access Points page of the Celona Orchestrator. Once the SAS registration starts and Access Points will be Operationally Down on the Access Points Details page. As soon as the grant is received and the radio is “live”, the AP status in the Celona Orchestrator will change to Up.

The AP operational state as reported within the Celona Orchestrator will capture any issues during the SAS process - Registration, Spectrum Acquisition & Spectrum Grant Termination. Customers can also subscribe to AP state change monitoring API from the Celona Orchestrator (contact for access) and be alerted when AP operational state changes due to SAS-related errors.

To check on the status of your site, click the Celona logo (top-left) which will always take you to the main dashboard, showing you the status of all your sites, physical assets, and connected devices.

Select your site that just completed SAS Registration from the dropdown to view the site-specific status of your Celona APs and Edge Clusters.

If you experience any issues please contact, for questions about these features contact your Celona representative.

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