This latest release of the Celona platform provides two new features requested by our customers and field teams.

The first is Auto-recovery from service-affecting events initiated by SAS, such as Dynamic Protection Area radio shutdowns. The introduction of Auto-recovery will remove the need to contact support to bring APs back online following a DPA event.

Secondly, the ability to schedule SAS Registration updates following any changes made to AP configurations requiring a CPI.

Celona Auto-Recovery from SAS-Initiated Access Point Downtime

The Domain Proxy service running on the Celona Edge interfaces with the SAS on behalf of all Celona APs at a site. During operation, a suspension on an acquired grant is possible since CBRS operates on unlicensed spectrum which some incumbents in coastal regions and protected entities may occasionally use. Scenarios, where a suspension could be observed, are:

  • SAS is calculating how much interference a new grant may cause to protected entities.

  • DPA activation (incumbent activity).

On receiving this suspension or termination from SAS, the Domain Proxy gives up the older grant which it can no longer use for transmission and requests for a new grant from SAS based on "live" Spectrum Availability from SAS.

Celona's self-organizing network (SON) algorithms automate the process of frequency assignment and TX power configuration across each affected AP to ensure the network is back UP in approximately 120 seconds post Suspension notification.

If you experience any issues please contact, for questions about these features contact your Celona representative.

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