Celona is pleased to unveil a new user interface (UI) for all its customers & partners. You will still be able to access the classic (old) UI, however, please note that moving forward major feature development will be done only on the new UI. Additionally, the old UI will be deprecated within the next few months, thus we highly encourage all of you to start familiarizing yourself with the new UI.

You will be able to access the new UI from the top panel of CSO

The new UI not only makes uses of a rich color palette throughout CSO, but also makes use of colors to indicate the various network states such as up, down, active, inactive etc. Additionally, new & enhanced icons have been added to depict the various selections for eg. in the navigation bar on the left.

All the tables have been designed to uniquely stand out on every page while ensuring that the fields & contents in them are easily readable

Finally, the Celona assistant too has been redesigned to incorporate the above-mentioned features as part of the new UI

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