Celona is pleased to announce the integration with Salesforce’s support cloud to provide an improved support experience for all of our customers & partners. You are not required to have a prior login to Salesforce to do so. This will be handled when you access Celona support via Salesforce the very first time.

To do so, you can click on the '?' icon on the top right of your screen on cso.celona.io

This will redirect you to the login page for support.celona.io

Since this will be the first time you are logging in, you’ll use the ‘First time user’ option. Follow the prompts by filling in the required fields after which you’ll be granted access to Celona support.

Upon granted access, you’ll not only be able to create support cases & view all your cases, but also view product videos, documentation & release notes

As always, you can directly email as us as well at support@celona.io

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