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Accessing Celona Support
Support and warranty for Celona products
Support and warranty for Celona products
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Celona 5G LAN platform provides turn-key private wireless solutions covering both software and hardware components under an active subscription. Celona express support and limited lifetime warranty are included with all 5G LAN subscriptions making ordering process easy. Unlike other private wireless vendors, Celona’s pricing is transparent and eliminates any hidden costs associated with purchasing additional support & hardware warranty plans – allowing enterprises to easily deploy and utilize Celona 5G LAN network.

This article is organized as follows:

  • Section I. Detailed instructions on how to create and track support cases.

  • Section II. Overview of support SLAs.

  • Section III. Details on hardware warranty and RMA process.

Section I – Support case creation & tracking.

Option #1. Create new case via Customer Support portal.

Getting started with Support portal.

Customer Support portal can be accessed in 2 ways:

  1. Directly from the browser:

  2. By clicking ? button in Orchestrator account

A separate account needs to be created for the support portal (Orchestrator credentials won’t work). First time users can request access by following below steps:

  1. Click on the “Request access here” hyperlink

  2. Add email and press “Next”. Registration link and instructions on the next steps will be will be sent to provided email. Important: username must be in the following format: corporate email + “.celona”. Example:

Existing users can log in with their Support portal username & password.

Navigating within Support portal.

“Home” tab contains useful videos and resources for deploying private wireless networks.

Check “Product Documentation” tab as it might contain relevant documents related to the experienced issue or question.

New cases can be created from “Create a Case” tab.

In order to submit a new case to Celona support team, fill in a quick form specifying subject, Type (Feature Request / Question / Critical / Major / Minor), and Description. Make sure to attach relevant documents & screenshots to equip Celona support team with the details necessary for the quick resolution. Press “Submit”.

A representative from Celona support team will reach out if any additional details are required.

Open cases can be tracked and closed from the “Cases” tab.


  • A case can be closed if it was submitted by mistake or has been resolved.

  • A case can be escalated by pressing “Escalate” button – it would automatically upgrade case type to Major and Celona support team will get notified.

Option #2. Create new case by sending an email to

A new case can be generated by sending an email directly to Make sure to include all relevant details and attachments. Submitting an email will automatically create a case that can be tracked from Customer Support portal

Section II – Support SLAs.

All Celona CBRS 5G LAN subscriptions include Express technical support covering

  • Unlimited number of support requests via Celona support portal

  • Free access to online documentation

  • Software updates for Celona platform including Celona Orchestrator, Edge OS, and Access Points OS

Celona Express Support adheres to the following SLAs.


Response time / SLA

Hours of Operation

24 x 7 x 365

Length of Service

3 or 5-year subscription that can be subsequently renewed

SaaS & Access to Product Updates


Method of Access

Email and chatbot

Access to Help Center, Knowledge Base and Community Forums


Number of Support Requests


Root Cause Analysis

Severity 1 & 2 by request

Critical (Severity 1) Response Time

1 hour

High (Severity 2) Response Time

4 hours

Medium (Severity 3) Response Time

8 hours

Low (Severity 4) Response Time

24 hours

Severity Level


Critical (Severity 1)

Product is inoperable or its performance is so severely reduced that Product cannot be utilized. No workaround is available.

High (Severity 2)

There is significant Product performance degradation, but a workaround is available.

Medium (Severity 3)

There is an issue or defect causing minimal business impact.

Low (Severity 4)

Request for information; administrative requests

Section III – Hardware Warranty & RMA.

To request a return under the Hardware Warranty, notify Celona (or if the products were purchased through a Partner, notify the Partner) within the Hardware Warranty period. To initiate a return directly to Celona, send a return request including relevant details to Celona team will respond back with further instructions regarding RMA process.

Hardware Products subject to the Limited Lifetime Warranty are eligible for advance replacement, in which case the replacement Hardware units will be shipped to Customer within one business day following issuance of the RMA.

All warranty terms are subject to Celona announcing end of life of any Product (upon at least 6 months prior notice).



Celona Access Points & SIM Cards

From Start Date until expiration of the Service Term, and automatically extended for as long as the Customer maintains a subscription for the Products.

Celona Edge Appliances and External Antennas

3-years from the Start date of the Service Term.

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