Test Suite #12 – validate uplink traffic of GBR bearer
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This test is intended to show uplink traffic flow is with higher priority gbr bearer configured in microslice.

Test infrastructure

  • Celona network w/ (1) AP

  • 1 UE under test

  • Iperf3 server

  • UE on QCI 3

  • SIM of the device is mapped to device group where an application (QCI3) - the application here has a server IP as filter i.e. all traffic to < server IP> will be mapped to QCI3 on the UE

  • Configured ports in CSO UI mapped to device group.

Test characteristics

This test involves the following parameters and/ or variables (in addition to those described in the General Test Details and Characteristics article and steps to configure MicroSlices in Celona Orchestrator -

Recorded Data

In addition to the information described in the General Test Details and Characteristics section and the test characteristics described, the following information is recorded:

  • Observe the traffic flow is mapped to the configured GBR bearer

  • UE throughput should be preserved


  1. Start UL UDP traffic on UE using iperf3

  2. Please note the UE and the iperf servers must be in sync at least to ensure these values are accurate

  3. Command on UE

    1. Iperf3 -c <client ip> -b 2M -u -t 999 -l1300 -I 1 -p <port> -e

  4. Command on Server

    1. Iperf3 -s -i 1 -u -e -p <port>

  5. Observe the traffic flow is mapped with the GBR bearer configured

  6. Start TCP dump or pcap file capture at eNodeB/gNodeB

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