Test summary

Connect an Apple iPhone 12 Pro phone (unlocked) to the Celona CBRS network.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro phone details

  • Software Version: 14.4.2

  • Model Name: iPhone 12 Pro

  • Model Number: MGJW3LL/A

  • Carrier Lock: No SIM restrictions


  • Be within range of your Celona RAN, consisting of active access points.

  • Acquire a Celona SIM, activate the SIM in the Celona Orchestrator, and assign it to the Celona Edge instance that corresponds to your Celona RAN topology.

We assume a start with the Apple iPhone 12 Pro phone with Wi-Fi disabled, no SIM installed, and having just been through the Reset Network Settings process.

Configuration steps

Starting pretty simple: remove the SIM cover, install the Celona SIM, replace the SIM cover and power on the phone. 👍

If the cellular strength icon continues to show no signal, you will need to perform a toggle in the cellular settings to obtain signal.

In order to do so, open Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options and toggle Voice & Data from LTE to 3G and back to LTE.

Navigate back to the main screen. Within 10 seconds, verify the cellular information in the upper right shows signal strength and LTE.

As one last step, you can verify healthy network connection with a performance tool of your choice. 🙌

To see the Celona solution in action, check out our getting started guide.

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