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The Celona Edge OS is a scalable and resilient cloud-native network operating system that provides a resolute data plane, control plane, and spectrum management services for private cellular networks. Built with enterprise deployment use cases in mind, Edge OS delivers converged 4G/5G core services for cellular packet delivery combined with a full-function IP stack for seamless connectivity into enterprise LANs.

The Celona Edge OS powers Edge Node appliances, which can be deployed as a single-node Edge Cluster or combined into a three-node Edge Cluster for highly available and redundant private 5G network operations. Celona Edge Appliances are available in 2 hardware form factors -

  • Celona Edge Express (1U Server)

  • Celona Edge Enterprise Server (1U Server)

Physical Installation of Celona Edge Appliance

Celona Edge appliances can be deployed on your network and powered up before site configuration. They will remain in the Provisioned state until you complete the initial site configuration in the Celona Orchestrator.

Determine the existing network infrastructure components

  • Identify the physical closet/rack location for Celona Edge appliances

  • Identify Ethernet switch ports for Celona Edge appliance(s)

  • Configure Ethernet switch ports for the correct VLANs that provide DHCP Celona Edge appliances

  • Configure the DHCP server with IP address reservations for Celona Edge appliances.

  • Ensure appropriate firewall configuration between Celona Access Points, Edge, and Orchestrator.

Installing your Celona Edge Appliance

For your Celona Edge appliance deployment, please refer to the Installation Guide.

Additional documentation -

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