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Getting Started with Celona 5G LAN
Setting up your Edge Appliance via the Local Edge Manager
Setting up your Edge Appliance via the Local Edge Manager

Using the Edge Appliance local management UI for initial setup

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During initial setup of the Celona Edge Appliance use the local edge manager web ui to configure:

  • Management Interface

  • LAN Interface

  • DHCP/Static IP Mode

  • Hostname

Limited troubleshooting is also available from this interface.

Getting Started

Power up and connect the Celona Edge Appliance to your network, the image below details which ports to use for each model.

Celona Edge Express

Celonba Edge Express Appliance

Celona Edge Enterprise

Celona Edge Enterprise Appliance

The data port should be connected to a gigabit trunk port on your switch, connect the management port directly to your laptop for initial configuration.

Set a static IP address on your laptop of, with a subnet mask of

Connect to the Local Management UI via your web browser.

username: admin

password: Celona123

Update password

It is strongly recommended to change this password on first use. Select 'Change Password from the left hand menu to proceed.

Edge Appliance Config Manager UI showing the 'Change Password' page

IP Address Configuration

Configure Static or DHCP mode for the data connection to your LAN by selecting the 'Network Configuration' menu item.

For DHCP mode ensure the checkbox is marked and submit. We recommended that Celona Edge Appliance receives a reserved IP address.

Uncheck DHCP mode to enter your static IP address, subnet, gateway and dns.

Hostname must be lower case.

Management IP configures the address of the management interface.


Celona Support may request you to access the 'Troubleshooting' section in the Local Edge Manager.

Celona Edge Manager Troubleshooting page
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