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Celona Diagnostic Tools enables Orchestrator Admin users to conduct detailed troubleshooting by utilizing the pre-built suite of tools used by Celona support team. Upon execution of any of the diagnostic tools from Orchestrator UI, the debug commands will execute directly on the Edge and output will be reflected in Orchestrator console. Historical view of executed tools along with the details on the specific tool, user and time will be available for later review as well.

These tools can be utilized for troubleshooting during the network bring up on Day 0 / 1 as well as for the ongoing management and monitoring of the network as part of Day N operations.

Accessing Diagnostic Tools

Diagnostic Tools are only available for the Customer Admin users.

The Diagnostic Tools can be opened from the menu in Celona Orchestrator.

Executing Diagnostic Tools

To execute any of the diagnostic tools, it is required to first select Edge Cluster.

Once Edge Cluster is selected, the specific tool can be selected from the available list. Note: list of available tools depends on the OS version of selected Edge Cluster. Please reach out to support@celona.io in case if Edge upgrade is required.

There are 2 types of tools:

  1. Edge related tool. If one of these tools is selected, no additional input is required and the diagnostic tool window can be opened at this step.

  2. AP related tool. If one of these tools is selected, an additional field will appear prompting the user to select the AP before executing the tool.

Press “Open Diagnostic tool” to execute the tool.

Multiple Diagnostic tools can be opened simultaneously enabling the user to cross-validate multiple outputs for comprehensive troubleshooting – without needing to re-open and re-run the tools.

Press "Run Diagnostics" to execute the tool.

The output from the executed tool will be reflected in the console within the same tab and it can also be copied or downloaded.

Note that for certain commands, some additional inputs from the user might be required.

Terminating Diagnostic Tools

Execution in-progress for the asynchronous commands can be terminated by pressing "Terminate" button.

Accessing Executed Diagnostic Tools History

The history of executed tools is available by pressing “Executed Tools History” button.

Please reach out to support@celona.io in case of any additional questions regarding Diagnostic Tools.

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