Test Suite #2 - basic configuration on an external IP domain
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This test is intended to identify devices that require additional setup or configuration to connect to Celona networks with external domain being configured.

Test infrastructure

• Celona network w/ (1) AP

• Device under test

Test characteristics

This test does not involve parameters or variables other than those described in the General Test Details and Characteristics article.

Recorded data

In addition to the information described in the General Test Details and Characteristics section the following information

is captured:

• APN configuration (Required/ Not required)

• Time sync/ time zone (Correct/ Incorrect)

• Network name (Correct/ Incorrect)

• Time to attach (sec; if available)


• Install Celona SIM, record type.

• Login to CSO UI and go to Edge cluster page.

• Add an external IP domain.

• Create a device group with external ip domain and add the device.

• Enable airplane mode.

• Disable airplane mode.

• Verify cellular network name.

• Test Internet connectivity with ping -c 10 (or available equivalent).

• If the Internet connectivity test fails, configure the default APN as celonadns.

• Re-test Internet connectivity.

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