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Device Experience

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The Orchestrator now provides support for measuring and monitoring how well your devices are experiencing the Celona network. We now identify causes for a poor experience, rank them in order of impact, and will soon provide recommendations to troubleshoot and adapt your device experience within a site.

On your organization's health screen, you can expect to see a device experience score and ranking of contributing factors aggregated across all your sites and per individual site.

The metrics used to calculate the score correspond to different aspects of the network, such as stability, access, service, and application quality.

Device Experience Score

The device experience score can be calculated as Good, Fair, or Poor. This is calculated based on each device's negative impact on the network. There are different metrics observed for device activity, like Attach, Handover, Time to Attach, Time to Handover, Time to Recover after radio disconnect, and Time to Recover after handover disconnect. The evidence observed for each of these metrics increases or decreases the experience score. For example, a higher attach failure rate, handover failure rate, or longer time taken to handover increases the negative impact on a device and thus reduces the score.

Factors Diminishing Experience

Along with the experience score, each factor’s contribution to bringing down the score is provided as a percentage.

  • The contributing factors are ranked – the highest contributor has the lowest rank.

  • The device experience score and contributions can be aggregated for all sites, individual sites, and individual devices to identify sites/devices with the highest impact.

  • The current charts display an aggregated experience score calculated every 5 minutes.

Evidence of the Device Experience Score

The evidence consists of the following charts:

  • Attach: shows a line chart for the percentage of successful attach events, a bar chart for the number of attach attempts, and a tooltip that shows failure reasons and their counts.

  • Handover: shows a line chart for the percentage of successful handover events, a bar chart for the number of handover attempts. This release does not show failure reasons in the tooltip.

  • Average Time to Attach and Handover: a line chart showing the time to attach, and a line chart showing the time to handover, and a threshold for time to attach, and a threshold for time to handover. Times above these thresholds are considered bad and contribute to lowering the score.

  • Average Time to Recover: a line chart showing the time to recover after radio disconnect and a line chart showing the time to recover after handover disconnect.

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