Test Suite #9 – packet error rates and latency
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*This test is intended to be repeated for every TDD Configuration.


This test supplements the packet error and latency data in the Basic/ Advanced Connectivity and Throughput tests.

Test infrastructure

• Celona network w/ (1) AP

• ping target

• iperf3 server

• UE under test

• (Optional) Secondary UE to create [additional] network load

Test characteristics

This test involves the following parameters and/ or variables (in addition to those described in the General Test Details and Characteristics):


One of the following:

RSRP >= -80 dBm

Test Duration

60 seconds

Packet Count


Recorded Data

In addition to the information described in the General Test Details and Characteristics article, the following information is recorded:

  • Latency

  • Packet Error Rate


ping -q -i 1 -c <packet_count> <target>


ping -q -i 1 -w <test_duration> <target>


• <packet_count> is the number Echo requests to send

• <test_duration> is the length of time (in seconds) to send Echo requests

• <target> is the IPv4 address of another device on the network

The ping summary results are timestamped and recorded in a text file

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