May 11th, 2022 - Orchestrator-2205.0.9

What’s New

  • HA Cluster Configuration – Added ability to configure VRRP ID

    • Currently the default value is 1. This could lead to collisions if there are multiple systems using VRRP on the same network. To avoid this, it is now possible to configure a unique VRRP ID for the Edge cluster


  • Enhancements to Edge Cluster table in Orchestrator - addition of HA status & cluster version

  • AP IP address is now available in the Orchestrator UI upon first contact to cloud. This should help with debugging issues with AP bring up post cloud contact

  • Introduced End User License Agreement (EUA) acceptance workflow after first login


  • VM and Cloud instance of Edge node show the correct type in the UI. Previously it was showing as “Physical”.

Known Issues

  • HA Cluster cannot be disabled from Orchestrator. Please contact support if assistance is required to disable HA cluster

March 24th, 2022 - Orchestrator-1.20, AP-1.20, Edge-1.18

What’s New

  • Introducing new Indoor AP Hardware model - Refer to datasheet.

  • Self-service workflow for claiming purchase order and onboarding new inventory - Refer to documentation.

  • Ability to define organization scope for Managed Service Provider (MSP) user - Refer to documentation.

  • Penetration testing was completed for Orchestrator and all critical, high, and medium priority issues were addressed. Report available upon request

  • Monitoring API support for Managed Service Provider (MSP) users to subscribe to alerts from their respective customers.

  • Note - Internal IP domain 'Forwarded' mode has been deprecated.


  • Edge High Availability improvements - Refer to documentation.

    • Master failover recovery in less than 2 minutes

    • Worker failover recovery in less than 15 seconds

    • Support for device load balancing across multi-node clusters for internal & external IP domain configuration

  • Optimizations to improve device attach rates and mobility rates

  • Changes to MicroSlicing GBR configuration - Uplink & Downlink are mandatory input fields

  • Time-sync (External PTP) configuration - support for bulk configuration

  • Changes to MicroSlicing configuration take effect instantaneously without changes to device or application state

  • Indoor AP CPI workflow - Antenna height defaults to above ground level (AGL) and is editable

  • Workflow to remove Edge node from assigned Edge cluster


  • Time sync (External PTP) configuration - Issues with secondary time sync (PTP) configuration and activation workflow

  • Inaccurate AP uptime value on AP inventory and AP details pages

  • Orchestrator not generating APSTATUS events

Known Issues

  • Following issues observed during longevity and performance testing - 200+ connected APs, 1000+ connected devices

    • Memory leak in data plane core service pod

    • Control plane pod (MME) restarts

  • Network KPI metrics continue to be disabled on the Orchestrator UI

  • Upon inactivity timeout, Orchestrator web UI does not automatically go to login page after refresh

October 27th, 2021 - Orchestrator-1.19

What’s new?

  • Self-service workflow for claiming purchase order and onboarding new inventory

  • AP time-synchronization configuration enhancements

    • Support for Indoor AP as internal time-sync leader

    • Support for bulk time-sync configuration for APs

  • Customer support workflow built natively into the Celona Orchestrator. Users can submit support tickets & track progress natively in the Celona Orchestrator – documentation


  • UI/UX improvements

    • Persist user preferences for the duration of the session

    • Prompt user to give a unique name to the device during activation

  • Top talkers available per Edge Cluster


  • Incorrect Device and AP state displayed in the Orchestrator

  • Disallow user from creating multiple internal IP domain with same configuration

  • Error loading AP details page

Known Issues

  • AP uptime and Network KPI metrics have been temporarily disabled on the Orchestrator UI

October 5th, 2021 - Orchestrator-1.18

What’s new?

  • Managed Service Provider (MSP) workflow

    • Self-service account creation and associated user roles to create the organization hierarchy that MSPs desire and facilitate customer onboarding

    • Ability to access individual customer accounts managed by MSP with the desired user role-based access control (RBAC) policy

  • Detailed metrics and statistics now available via Stats API – documentation


  • Improved operational monitoring on Celona Orchestrator

    • Top talkers for overall network, per site, per MicroSlice, per Edge cluster

    • Additional context about AP CPI configuration status –

      • None – No CPI information

      • Partial – CPI info completed for one radio only

      • Full – CPI info completed for both radios

    • Show AP power level in dBm & milliwatts

  • UI/UX improvements

    • Side bar navigation menu enhancements

    • SIM type filter added to the Device inventory page

  • API

    • New alert to notify on Celona Edge status changes, EDGESTATUS - New, Provisioned, Up, Down

    • Monitoring API for Celona Edge CPU & Memory alerts now includes serial number of the Celona Edge node

  • Workflow to delete a stale Celona Edge cluster


  • Celona Edge node CPU & Memory utilization are not displayed

  • Last connected device list for AP is missing data

  • Discrepancy in connected device count on AP inventory page & AP detail page

  • Error loading AP details page for Certified Professional Installer (CPI)

  • MicroSlicing throughput charts showing incorrect values

  • Disallow configuration of multiple MicroSlices with the same QCI value on the same device group

  • Celona Orchestrator shows Edge IP address for AP

Known Issues

  • Network KPI metrics have been temporarily disabled on the Orchestrator UI

September 2021 - 1.17 Celona Orchestrator, Celona Edge & AP

What’s new?

  • Celona Edge High Availability (HA) support - Refer documentation

  • End-to-end support for external time sync server, including configuration and monitoring via the Celona Orchestrator – more details in our documentation

  • Support for Indoor AP & Outdoor AP on the same Celona Edge Cluster or Site

  • Ability to set or update the Spectrum Access System (SAS) provider used by the Celona Edge cluster for private spectrum (CBRS) reservation


  • AP auto-recovery if NTP server is unreachable

  • Improved device battery lifetime with support for Discontinuous Reception (DRX) configuration

  • DNS lookup utility added to the local Celona Edge manager UI for troubleshooting

  • System uptime information available for AP, Celona Edge & device

  • Search by ICCID on the device inventory page


  • AP not able to boot up on subnet

  • Incorrect AP transmit power values shown in the Celona Orchestrator

  • Celona Edge node reboots on link loss

  • MicroSlicing throughput charts showing inconsistent values between 6-hour and 24-hour view

  • RTSP traffic dropped when using MicroSlicing with guaranteed bitrate (GBR) & QCI 4

  • Handover stability issues with MicroSlicing enabled

  • MicroSlicing with non-GBR & QCI 6 not taking effect

June 17, 2021 - 1.16

This release introduces the following updates for the Celona platform:

  • eSIM Beta Release – Sign up here

  • Improved operational monitoring on Celona Orchestrator – historical and current device context on AP details page, device mobility trail, per-device throughput statistics trendline

  • Support for custom antenna configuration

  • MicroSlicing Improvements

    • support for multiple application configuration per MicroSlice

    • support for multiple MicroSlices per device

    • changes to MicroSlice configuration will take immediate effect, without requiring a switch to airplane mode and back

  • API Improvements

    • Notification API alert throttle & de-duplication

    • Inclusion of diagnostic insights from Celona Assistant in the failure notification APIs

    • Site names included in the Notification API

  • Interoperability with Inseego gateways & Zebra hand-held devices – Refer documentation

  • Improvements to Intra-AP sector load balancing

  • Password reset link validity increased to 12-hours

  • Fixed – Incorrect Celona Edge & AP software version

  • Fixed – AP showing duplicate sectors in the radio table

  • Fixed – Inaccurate Celona Edge status representation in the Celona Orchestrator

April 14, 2021 - 1.15

This release introduces the following updates for the Celona platform:

Added automatic recovery functions, health-monitoring & handover improvements:

  • Fixed multiple instances of tr069 process failures

  • Improved log management to avoid memory overruns

Domain Proxy & CPI Workflow updates:

  • Added support for registering each sector and respective antennas with SAS

  • Changed domain proxy behavior to increase stickiness of spectrum grants to avoid loss of grants during Celona Edge reboots or network outages

Celona Orchestrator & API updates:

  • Removed repetitive events in the Monitoring API to reduce noise

  • Added update/delete workflow for IP domain, applications, and device groups

  • Improved the user experience for the device inventory page – Pagination, Search and Filtering capability, Toggle columns in device table

  • Added field to Devices to enable users to add a descriptor

  • Improved the operational visibility with new charts to show Celona Edge node CPU utilization and Memory utilization trends

February 1, 2021 - 1.11

Celona Monitoring & Management API (Beta):

  • Please reach out to us (, if you wish to you use the APIs. We have put together initial documentation for the APIs and will be happy to share that with you to receive feedback.

Celona Orchestrator UI & UX improvements:

  • Support for advanced configuration in the Device Details page to add subnet to effectively manage routes for end-devices behind an IoT gateway or router.

  • Additional context added to AP Operational State to help with troubleshooting – Initiated bootstrap process, downloaded configuration from Celona Orchestrator, contacted Celona Edge, pending SAS registration, pending spectrum grant, etc.

  • Eliminate inconsistencies with regards to user and AP states

  • Duplicate Celona Edge Clusters associated with devices

  • Celona Edge IP address changes causes AP to hang

Celona Platform improvements:

  • Added a local web-based Celona Edge configuration manager to help - setup static IP address for the data interface, change hostname for the Celona Edge appliance, change Management IP address & troubleshoot via command line interface

January 11, 2021 - 1.09 & 1.10

Celona Orchestrator API:

  • Monitoring API via HTTP/HTTPS push notification to track AP State, Device State, Celona Edge State & Celona Edge Health (CPU, Memory)

Celona Orchestrator UI & UX improvements:

  • Workflow enabling change to user information

  • Default table size changed to 25

  • Additional user confirmation step added to MicroSlicing configuration deletion

  • AP Details Page Re-organized into 3 sections - Attributes, Radios & Antennas

  • New AP Attributes - IP Address, AP Firmware version

  • Support for configuring multiple antennas per AP

  • Summary tab added to the left navigation

  • Workflow to allow users to update Site address

  • KPIs for default traffic that does not fall under MicroSlicing definitions

  • Improvements to AP Diagnostics to provide insights into Configuration & Operational state of the APs, and SAS & Domain proxy related errors

Celona Platform improvements:

  • Native support for Celona Edge on Microsoft Azure’s edge computing device – Azure Edge Stack

  • Support for L2TP & GRE traffic

  • Support for CUPS architecture on Celona Edge for improved resiliency, performance & flexibility of deployment

November 16, 2020 - 1.08

Celona Orchestrator user interface updates:

  • Celona Assistant insights for MicroSlicing Details

  • UX improvements to Celona Assistant in the dashboard

  • Device Details now includes additional AP context

  • UX improvements to reset password workflow

  • IP domain dropdown improvements

  • Intuitive ordering of device groups

  • Accurate representation of Celona Edge status

  • Improved workflow to upload CPI credentials

  • Improved device diagnostics to assist with device tracing

  • Device granular states and error conditions

  • Accurate device count on dashboard

Celona Orchestrator API updates:

  • Activated status added to Connectivity Summary API

  • Celona Assistant dashboard API

  • Device diagnostic backend API

Functional updates:

  • ESX support for Celona Edge Node

  • Improvements to Celona Edge and AP upgrade process

  • Seamless non-reboot upgrades for Edge Nodes

  • Redundancy support for Celona Edge Nodes

  • Support for Celona AP to Celona Edge IPSec tunnels

  • Ingestion and integration of network metrics

  • Tracking of key performance metrics for Celona Edge Nodes

October 28, 2020 - 1.07

Celona Orchestrator user interface updates:

  • MicroSlicing configuration improvements

  • Infrastructure status monitoring improvements

  • Improvements to Celona Assistant workflows

  • Improved status monitoring for APs and devices

  • New client device diagnostics workflows

  • Additional monitoring capabilities for SIM status

  • Improvements to dashboard status monitoring

  • CPU and memory resource monitoring for Celona Edge nodes

Celona Orchestrator API updates:

  • Ability to move APs from one site to another

  • MicroSlicing Key Performance Indicator (KPI) visibility

  • Radio Access Network (RAN) and network utilization metrics

  • Accessibility on device monitoring and diagnostics data

  • Accessibility to Celona Assistant data on APs, devices and Celona Edge nodes

  • Improvements to device inventory assignment for Celona Edge nodes

  • Ability to add Certified Professional Installer (CPI) configuration

Functional updates:

  • Full support for TCP port 443 to enable Celona Edge and Celona Orchestrator connections

  • Support to handle traffic flows initiated from the client devices via MicroSlicing

  • Improvements to guaranteed and mean bit rate MicroSlicing enforcement

  • Mapping of client MAC address to SIM card IMSI values for IP address reservation

September 17, 2020 - 1.05

Celona Orchestrator user interface updates:

  • Client device list and details views

  • CPU/memory/utilization stats for Celona Edge

  • Site and Celona Edge cluster configuration

  • Celona Edge node and cluster status/health metrics

  • IP domain configuration

  • KPI reporting for latency and throughput

  • Celona AP status monitoring

  • Flow stats monitoring per MicroSlicing policy tag

Celona Orchestrator API updates:

  • SIM provisioning

  • CPU/memory/utilization stats for Celona Edge

  • Site and Edge cluster configuration

  • Celona AP serial and list query per Celona Edge cluster

  • Celona AP, Celona Edge ID, Site ID per connected device

Functional updates:

  • Support for max bitrate config per MicroSlicing policy in the datapath

  • Support for multiple sites per Celona Edge Cluster

  • Support for bootstrapping an unassigned Celona Edge Node

  • Support for automated multi-node Edge cluster upgrade

  • Support for Celona AP to Celona Edge IPsec tunnel

  • Support for hitless Celona Edge cluster upgrade

  • Support for upgrade failure rollback

August 13, 2020 - 1.03

  • Performance improvements for Celona CBRS LTE outdoor access point

  • Allow creation of per customer API key at the time of customer account creation

  • Additional option of Mean Bit Rate (MBR) for MicroSlicing configuration

  • Ability to configure external DNS server for connected devices

July 31, 2020 - 1.02

  • Certified Professional Installer (CPI) workflows during CBRS LTE deployments

  • Stability for Celona Edge during client mobility and connectivity events

  • Support for Safari browser support for the Celona Orchestrator user interface

  • Support for mobile browsers for the Orchestrator interface

  • Ability to configure external DNS server for connected devices

  • Per device monitoring for Celona MicroSlicing in the Celona Orchestrator interface

  • Latency metrics dashboard for MicroSlicing within the Celona Orchestrator interface

  • Status monitoring for Celona Edge / Access Points in the Celona Orchestrator interface

  • Improved Celona MicroSlicing configuration for uplink and downlink streams

  • Improved visibility to IP addresses used by connected devices on the network

July 16, 2020 - 1.01

  • User experience improvements for the Celona Orchestrator user interface

  • Improvements for the Celona Edge in terms of enterprise network integration

  • Variety of performance and reliability improvement for Celona access points

June 30, 2020 - 1.0 (First Customer Ship, FCS)

  • Configuration workflows within the Celona Orchestrator user interface

  • Control path implementation between Celona Edge and Celona Orchestrator

  • Insights for real-time data and status reporting within the Celona Orchestrator

  • Application and device group level policy enforcements

  • Stability for the Celona Edge data path against variety of traffic patterns

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